Hi! Welcome to my Adventure Poet Blog! I started this blog as a place to post about my numerous and ecclectic mix of hobbies, interests and traveling. Originally started as a facebook page focusing on poetry and a separate blog focused on travel and adventure, I have merged the two here at www.adventurepoet.com! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or are interested in having a travel or gear review article written please complete the contact form.  

Here’s a little more background about myself: 

By day I am a master degreed project engineer currently caught in the machine working on plans to support my dreams. My passion lies in exploring and experiencing all of the wonderful and exciting things life has to offer. From camping in the Amazon to going on safari in South Africa, to writing and reading poetry, dabbling with the guitar, finding solace and fascination in nature, following science and green tech, learning about history and foreign languages, racing kayaks, climbing mountains, mountain biking, listening to vinyl and live music (rock, blues and folk 😉 , playing photographer, volunteering, or just immersing myself in a good book, I have an insatiable lust for learning, undying determination to constantly push beyond my comfort zone and strong desire to share what I have experienced with others!

What’s the coolest place I’ve visited? Either Kruger Park in South Africa, the Peruvian Amazon (Amazon Article) and Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu article), Ometepe, Nicaragua (Ometepe Article), and Panajachel in Guatamala

What’s the scariest place I’ve visited? None really, but there sure have been a few frightening encounters, being robbed in Colombia, stuck in the middle of nowhere in El Salvador at the end of the bus line, being attacked by dogs in Nicaragua and defending myself with a kayak paddle, driving for the first time alone in South Africa on the opposite side of car/road in a rented pristine BMW (I just asked for a sedan!) through very poor areas, being caught in the middle of a Nicaraguan crater lake after dark on a kayak with no light source, or ground camping in the Amazon jungle.

Where do I want to travel to next? Anywhere I haven’t been to yet (which is a lot) but Europe and Asia are top of the list.

What am I afraid of? A lot! Heights, closed spaces, getting Alzheimer’s, drowning, spiders and snakes, known health issues worsening, losing confidence in myself, not falling in love again 🙂 But you should never let your fears own you, I try to constantly challenge them by standing on the precipice of thousand foot drops, throwing myself down the sides of icy mountains to learn self arresting techniques, going caving, racing kayaks and kayaking on rivers and the ocean, bushwhacking solo through tropical jungles, eating healthy (despite my vices :), and trying to keep my heart open! My biggest fear though, which trumps all others is dying before I have the opportunity to see and experience every incredible, beautiful, amazing, intriguing, curious, interesting, fascinating and wondrous thing that this world has to offer…

How long have I written poetry? Since I was about 12 or 13 with some gaps in between as I pursued a couple educational degrees. I find poetry a great way to express those feelings and observations most people suppress or overlook.

Life can be hard sometimes

It’s the nature of the beast

No one ever said it would be easy

Just never give up on your dreams!

Thanks for checking out my site!

pic_01 (3)

Machu Picchu

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons (2)

Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons (1)

Grand Teton NP

EMS Womens Orion Jacket 14

Franconia Notch NH

EMS Womens Orion Jacket 16

Mount Washington NH


Volcan Tajumulco, Guatemala

Yanayacu River 1

Yanayacu River, Peruvian Amazon