Travel Jackets and Vests for Women with Concealed Pockets

Finding the right travel jacket or vest can be daunting when there seems to be so many different options for jackets on the market today. However, the reality is, a good travel jacket or vest will have extra necessary pockets and concealed or hidden pockets in it to properly carry all the items you will need and prevent pickpockets from stealing your valuables. With these requirements in mind, there are only a handful of women’s travel jackets and vests that fit the bill. In this article we’ll talk about some of the options available. 


At the top of the list is SCOTTeVest. Based in Idaho, the company was founded in the year 2000 and now includes a decent sized product line of womens travel jackets and vests. The various vests boast 14 to 42 pockets. They carry 4 different jacket styles with 17 to 35 pockets. Other products include hoodies (14-15 pockets), a trench coat (18 pockets), cardigans (4 pockets), and even a fleece pull over (2 pockets). SCOTTeVest has even made a womens’ lab coat with 16 pockets! 

SCOTTeVest  1

The vest and jacket lines range from $135 – $200. Their designs include RFID blocking technology, weight distribution management to prevent a bulky appearance, collar loops to guide earbud wires, and much more. The Sterling womens’ jacket even has removable sleeves to convert into a vest!

SCOTTeVest  2

Global Travel Clothing

Started in 2010, the company Global Travel Clothing offers three different styles of womens jackets, a softshell, windbreaker and sweatshirt that all come complete with 9 total pockets. 

Global Travel Clothing Womens Jackets

For the pockets each jacket contains: 2 zippered chest pockets, 1 left arm pocket, 2 velcro hidden pockets, 2 large pockets for an IPad or book, and 2 exterior hand pockets. The 2 large pockets also contain vertical partitions to turn the large pockets into 4 smaller sized pockets.Global Travel Clothing Womens Jackets 1

Additionally, the jackets come with many other features including: a separate zip in fleece vest liner for purchase, water bottle straps, waist cinch cords, removable hoods, wrist velcro adjustments, built in eye masks and suitcase straps. 

ExOfficio Womens FlyQ Lite

ExOfficio makes a wide product line of womens’ adventure and outdoor apparel. Two of the items they have recent designed includes the Womens FlyQ Lite jacket and vest. This jacket features a ten pocket travel system with an additional large pocket on the inside of the lower back. It is lightweight, water resistant coated ripstop nylon and stain resistant. The jacket also has dual snap cuffs with adjustable lining. 

Exofficio Flyq lite jacket

The jacket and the vest are currently selling for less than $100 USD making this one of the cheaper options available. Both are currently available in khaki and black colors. 


The BJacket line was created by professional designers Mimi and Frans Baviera and includes three jacket and two vest options. With fashion and functionality both in mind, the women’s Lexington quilted vest and jacket are items that frequently receive excellent reviews on Prices for all their items range between $118 – 168 USD. 

Womens Lexington BJacket

I recently purchased the Womens’ Lexington quilted jacket and generally found the pockets spacious, and the materials quite durable. I wasn’t a big fan of the chest pockets, and the outer material did attract pet hair, but overall the jacket has a great design and would be good for colder temperatures when travelling with a couple layers underneath. Make sure to purchase a size larger also, or when filled with items, the jacket can be too tight. 

Womens Everyday and Timeless BJacket


The AnyWear product line by contourwear offers vests, blouses, skirts and pants all very travel friendly. The product descriptions do not offer much detail but the vests do contain interior security pockets. Before ordering, I would inquire a bit more with the manufacturer as to the details of the inner pocket designs. Some of the items in their product line are shown below.

Contourwear AnyWear Products


Columbia, a well know manufacturer of outdoor gear and clothing makes a wide variety of travel friendly gear. Most notably, is their latest Women’s world trekker vest. The vest comes with multiple pockets along with a passport sized pocket. 

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