Aqua Quest Mariner 10L Backpack Review

There are many manufacturers of dry bags and backpacks that claim they are waterproof, however, the reality is, many of these packs don’t keep your belongings dry if they are submerged in water for a short time or repeatedly exposed to the elements. A couple years ago I was searching for a dry bag with backpack straps that I could throw in a kayak hatch, take a short hike with, or bring with me as I explored caves and after quite of bit of research I ended up purchasing the AquaQuest Mariner 10L bag. 

Founded in 1994, AquaQuest manufactures water proof backpacks, bags, dry bags, tarps, duffels and electronics pouches. Robust, rugged and the perfect size for any day trip, the AquaQuest Mariner bag comes in three different sizes, 10L, 20L and 30L. The 10L backpack covered in this review is perfect for squeezing it into a kayak dry hatch or any other water based day trip excursion. 

Design and Materials

Although not an ultralight option for waterproofing your gear, weighing in at 1 lb, the 10L pack is made from a durable non-toxic PVC fabric that is abrasion resistant and will stand up to quite a bit of use. In addition to the strong pack fabric, all the seams on the pack are welded and stress points are double tacked for added reliability.

Along with a side carrying handle, this one compartment bag comes with two padded shoulder straps that are adjustable at both the top and bottom to ensure a good fit for any size person. The cylindrical 10L pack dimensions are 8″ in diameter by 16″ tall when the top is rolled down and secured. 


This bag is the perfect size to fit a towel, book, first aid kit, headlamp, bug spray, sunscreen, lunch an extra shirt and a rain jacket, everything you’d need for a day out on the water.  It fits well into many kayak hatches, can be thrown into a canoe, taken to the beach, and worn on your back for a hike. I’ve even taken the pack caving and found the PVC material to be pretty robust as it showed no sign of damage after being repeatedly scraped and dragged against jagged rocks. 

Whether being in the rain or submerged in the water (2 ft), each time the waterproof qualities of this bag were tested, the contents in the bag were completely dry. The manufacturer also notes that the bag floats if you drop it in the water and it’s true! 

Overall Recommendation

Overall, I would highly recommend this bag for anyone who spends time outside. It is a durable, simple waterproof solution for keeping your gear dry on the water or in the rain. At $39.95, the bag is reasonably priced and I’d highly suggest picking one up!


Basic Information
Manufacturer  AquaQuest
Model # Mariner 10L Backpack
Size 10L
Cost $39.95
Pros Durable, Long Lasting
Cons Only good for day trips, no back panel for support when wearing as a backpack
Best Uses Canoeing, Kayaking, Caving, Boating, Biking, Rainy days
Weight 455 g (1 lb)
Material Non Toxic PVC
Dimensions Flat: 20 X 12 in / 50 X 30 cm, Closed: 16 X 12 12 in / 40 X 30 cm, Diameter: 8 in
Additional Features Backpack straps, side carry handle, reflective strips on straps and reflective logo


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