Leatherman Crater C33X Knife Review

A durable lightweight knife is one of the key items needed at all times when venturing outdoors. A knife can be used for many different purposes an is an essential tool to have on the trail. Known for their numerous multi-tools and folding knives which they first starting making back in 1983, for 2012 Leatherman is making the Crater Series of folding knives.

Leatherman C33X FeaturedThe Crater series includes the C33 models which are a simple folding knife with caribbeener, the C33L models which are similar to the C33 but have blade launching technology and the C33T models which are similar to the C33 model with additonal philips and flat head screwdrivers. The “X” after one of the Crater series model numbers indicates the blade is 1/2 serrated.

Leatherman C33X

Update: December 2013: I just fell in love with this knife while traveling abroad! Unfortunately I forgot to remove it from my carry-on while hopping on a plane in Lima and it was taken away 🙁 But the knife was so lightweight, and large enough to be useful in the jungle and on carribean islands for peeling fruit, cutting rope/vines and even opening up a pineapple that I went out and bought the same one when I returned home (this time with a black blade). I HIGHLY recommend this knife!


Out on the trail, many pocket knives and multi tools have more built in features than we actually use. The Leatherman C33x has only the necessary items on it thus keeping the volume and weight low without sacrificing the quality and keeping it easy to use. It has a 1/2 serrated 2.6 inch blade and a caribeener that doubles as a bottle opener. At a closed size of less than 4 inches it fits decently in the palm of a smaller person’s hand.

leatherman C33X knife 1


Sleek and solid, the C33X has a high carbon (HC) 420 stainless steel blade which is the same material used in buck knives. 420HC is stronger and preferred over 420 stainless steel when buying knives as it can achieve a higher hardness rating. The blade is sharp and durable and it has a thumb stud on it to assist in opening and closing the knife. The blade locks into place via the locking liner located within the handle.

The knife body is made from a glass filled nylon handle and seems very durable and smooth. There is a slightly recessed area near the blade stud to help guide your thumb in opening the blade.

leatherman C33X knife 2


The C33X comes with the knife, a belt clip and the caribeener/bottle opener. The caribeener is extended with your thumb and locks into place. It is then inserted back into the knife body by pushing it from the locked position down into the body then rotating it around into the opposite side of the blade as shown in the picture below.

Leatherman C33X Caribeener Operation

Overall Recommendation

The Leatherman Crater C33X weighs in at a very light 0.15 lbs, is simple, durable and easy to use. Bring it hiking, backpacking or even just use it as a pocket knife. At less than $25 this knife is a steal and highly recommended!

Basic Information
Manufacturer Model Leatherman Crater C33X
Model # C33X
Size 6.6 cm (2.6″) Blade, 10 cm (3.94″) Closed length
Cost $25
Pros Durability, Cost, Size vs. Weight Ratio
Cons More lightweight 2.6″ blades on the market
Best Uses Hiking, Backpacking, Trekking, Traveling
Weight 2.36 oz / 0.15 lb
Material 420HC 1/2 Serrated Stainless Steel Blade, Glass Filled Nylon Handle
Additional Features Caribeener/Bottle Opener, Belt clip


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