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There are plenty of watersports helmets out there but WRSI (Whitewater Research and Safety Institute) tops the list when it comes to helmet adjustability and comfort. Their standard model is the Current Helmet and it comes in a variety of colors and two sizes S/M and M/L. The helmet can be used for kayaking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, jet skiing and any other water sport where you need a helmet.

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The Current is a full head protecting design with a slight ridge in the front to help prevent damage to your face if you impact a large boulder under water. It also has ventilation openings in the top of the helmet which help keep your head cool and also let water drain quickly after a quick dunk in the water.

As in gear and clothing,a one size fits all approach is not appropriate when it comes to helmets, however most retailers only offer two adjustment points on the helmet, the rear of the head/neck horizontal tightening brace and the chin strap. In addition to these points of adjustment on the Current helmet, the rear of the head/neck brace, called the O-brace is a harness that can be raised or lowered as neededto get a secure fit. It also comes with a set of 12 pads in a variety of thicknesses from thin (small) to thickest (large) to be adhered via velcro to the inside of the helmet.

WRSI Current Helmet O-brace

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The helmet is made with a multi-impact plastic outer shell, the customizable EVA foam padding liner and a inner polyurethane sub shell. The EVA foam removable / customizable pads form the final interior lining.

WRSI 3-Layer Absorption System Design



The helmet comes with a side squeeze buckle with an adjustment loop pull on the right side of the buckle for under the chin support. WRSI also offers options for helmets with or without vents, and the vented models would be suggested to ensure proper water drainage during most watersports. Each helmet meets CE EN 1385 Water Helmet Standards.


Having a petite frame it is difficult to find high quality helmets that fit correctly. The WRSI Current Helmet is perfect as it not only comes in two sizes, but the internal padding of the helmet is completely customizable to fit an individuals head of any size and shape to make it very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I really liked the adjustability of this helmet as I have a small head and having the ability to both vertically adjust the rear brace and changeout the thickness of the padding resulted in a perfect fit.

wrsi helmet sizing

Overall Recommendation

These helmets are highly durable and made to withstand multiple impacts. The standard WRSI current models come with all the padding and adjustments to accomodate all sizes and shapes of head types to get the most comfortable, secure fit. For the reasonable price of $79.95, the Current helmet is a great buy and highly recommended.

Here is an awesome movie that shows the internal design of the WRSI helmet and its strength against a hammer and a machete.


Basic Information
Manufacturer Model Whitewater Research and Safety Institute (WRSI) Current Helmet
Model # 2012 Current Helmet
Size S/M 48 cm – 55 cm, M/L 54cm – 59 cm
Cost $79.95
Pros Adjustability, Vented Option, Comfort
Cons Weight
Best Uses Kayaking, Whitewater rafting, Canoeing, Stand up paddle boarding, Watersports
Helmet Specifications
Weight 17.5 oz (495 g)
Material Outer Shell: Plastic, Mid-layer: EVA Foam, Inner Shell: Polyurethane, Padding: Shaped EVA Foam
Fit Adjustments Vertically adjusted rear harness, rear O-brace, chin strap, customizable foam padding
Additional Features None

WRSI Current Helmet (11) WRSI Current Helmet (9) WRSI Current Helmet (8) WRSI Current Helmet (5)

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