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Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Camp Chair Review

Finally, an ultra-lightweight chair that can go anywhere! At a little over 1.1 lbs (510 grams), with packed dimensions of 13 x 4 inches, this amazing outdoor chair readily fits into any backpack or tote bag and it… Read More

Aqua Quest Mariner 10L Backpack Review

There are many manufacturers of dry bags and backpacks that claim they are waterproof, however, the reality is, many of these packs don’t keep your belongings dry if they are submerged in water for a short time or… Read More

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 on the Mississippi River

More details to come…

Peru Part 3: Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon

Of all the amazing adventures I’ve undertaken, spending time in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is surely one of top three most memorable experiences of my life. From fishing for Piranhas in a dugout canoe and camping on the rainforest… Read More

The Journey on Laguna de Apoyo

When heartbreak and fear and evanescent beauty combine themselves in the same breath it is an experience that is hard to forget… 

The BioLite Stove: Bringing Advanced Tech to the Backcountry

I was browsing the internet when I came across an amazing new invention on the market, the Biolite Stove. Using an innovative energy efficient design, the creators of the Biolite Camp stove have created a portable, backpacking friendly… Read More

Travel Jackets and Vests for Women with Concealed Pockets

Finding the right travel jacket or vest can be daunting when there seems to be so many different options for jackets on the market today. However, the reality is, a good travel jacket or vest will have extra necessary… Read More

Peru Part 2: Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo

As a continuation of the post, Peru Part 1: Cusco, the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, this article details the next leg of my journey through this majestic country. There is so much to see and do in Peru it is… Read More

Outdoor Gear Insulation Ratings Explained

In this article we explain the mystery behind the various ways clothing insulation is rated to help you choose the best for those cold weather activities. Choosing the Proper Insulation is Important We already know that in the wintertime… Read More

Peru Part 1: Cusco, the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

From Inka ruins to  Amazonian sloths, Peru is a highly recommended, unforgettable, once in a lifetime adventure! Back in 2013 I was lucky enough to go on a 6 and a half month backpacking trip through Central and South… Read More

Kahtoola Microspikes Review

The original pocket sized slip-on spike traction systems, the Kahtoola Microspikes are a favorite among winter hikers and trail runners. Lightweight, versatile and durable, this traction system can be added to any type of shoe or boot to… Read More

Kahtoola KTS Aluminum Crampons Review

For many winter hikers using a full on pair of high end crampons isn’t practical. Most crampons are designed to be worn on stiff mountaineering boots that have a rigid sole and substantial heel and toe welts. However,… Read More

Salomon Women’s Snowtrip Winter Boots Review

Sometimes in our winter treks, a heavy duty mountaineering boot just isn’t needed. Thus we can go with a much lighter boot as long as it keeps our tootsies warm on the trail. Having wide feet in a… Read More

The Best Travel ATM and Credit Cards

After being on the road for six and a half months and traveling through eight different countries here are my recommended backpacking and budget travel cards to avoid large fees and gain valuable travel points.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel Review

A lot of gear manufacturers are getting smarter these days by adding great features to their packs and bags but even with all these features, few can boast an almost indestructable durability in their products. The North Face… Read More

Petite Pants Part 2: Finding the Right Fit

With all the challenges facing the petite woman in finding properly fitting athletic/outdoor pants, it can be quite overwhelming and frustrating at times. After spending hours in the store, hours online and continuously walking away empty handed, most… Read More

Keen Women’s Voyageur Shoes Review

The Keen Women’s hikers, Voyageur, are an extremely comfortable, durable pair of hiking shoes. Unfortunately though, they have the typical Keen hard rubber outsole which has dangerously poor traction on wet surfaces. I was looking for a solid… Read More

Petite Pants Part 1: “Short” Does Not Mean “Petite”

This article is the first of a three part series on the specifications, fit, sizing, selection and purchasing of petite pants for your athletic and outdoor pursuits. If you are looking for some advice on finding pants for… Read More

Black Diamond Distance Z-Poles Trekking Poles Review

After being spoiled with REI’s Women’s Traverse Shocklight Hiking Poles I was reluctant to purchase and bring another pair with me on my 3+ month long backpacking trip abroad. However, I was looking to reduce the weight of… Read More

Why I Want to Get Bitten by Fire Ants!

Now any sane person that has been bitten by Central American fire ants knows that it’s not fun. After the sharp sting from their bite goes away in the first few minutes, it incessantly itches for hours. For… Read More