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The BioLite Stove: Bringing Advanced Tech to the Backcountry

I was browsing the internet when I came across an amazing new invention on the market, the Biolite Stove. Using an innovative energy efficient design, the creators of the Biolite Camp stove have created a portable, backpacking friendly… Read More

Travel Jackets and Vests for Women with Concealed Pockets

Finding the right travel jacket or vest can be daunting when there seems to be so many different options for jackets on the market today. However, the reality is, a good travel jacket or vest will have extra necessary… Read More

Outdoor Gear Insulation Ratings Explained

In this article we explain the mystery behind the various ways clothing insulation is rated to help you choose the best for those cold weather activities. Choosing the Proper Insulation is Important We already know that in the wintertime… Read More

How to Build a Solar Powered Tent Overview

In the market today, there are not any existing options for the average consumer if you are looking to purchase a tent equipped with built-in solar power. Based on progress in this area to date, you will likely… Read More

Top Ten Items to Bring Backpacking to Central America

Being in Central America now for four months, carrying only my 37L backpacking pack and a small daypack I’ve narrowed down all the essentials needed for a long journey here in this amazing tropical paradise. If you are… Read More

2013 Lessons and Reviews About Backpacking Packs for Petite Women

Over the last few years I have been on the never ending search for the perfect 45L backpacking, traveling and trekking pack. Soon, I will again be doing some adventure traveling and backpacking, this time an extended trip… Read More

Solar Tents for Electricity, Lighting and Heat!

Lately companies have been getting smart and combining solar energy generation with outdoor gear to create both consumer and military products. Here’s some interesting products where the power of the sun has been harnessed for use in shelters… Read More

Ultralight Backpacking, Traveling and Trekking Packs of 2013

Are you looking for the latest ultralight backpacking, travelling and trekking packs? I was recently searching for a quality ultralight pack for a 3 month stay in Nicaragua and put together this quick list of superlight packs that… Read More

Compressed Gas Canister Selection in Compact Stoves

There are many types of compact stoves available on the market today. Some of the most lightweight, ultracompact stoves available for hiking, trekking, backpacking, and climbing are fueled by compressed gas. In this article we’ll talk about the… Read More