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Mongongo Tree

Sporadically scattered in savannah sands Hidden deep amongst the dunes Boldly towering over brush A Kalahari king.

The Quail

There is a long story behind this poem which I’ve casually worked on for about a year and a half now. It involved deciding to trek across an island, unprepared, in a very sparsely populated rural jungle area… Read More

November 2016 Supermoon

With no greater locale than the ocean To view this onset of lunar magnificence Outward I cautiously meandered Upon the precarious rock jetty.

The Journey on Laguna de Apoyo

When heartbreak and fear and evanescent beauty combine themselves in the same breath it is an experience that is hard to forget… 

Chemistry of Pink River Dolphins

Where tributaries are in the past and estuaries are too far in the future they exist only in that gray space…

Wintry Hibernation

Alas, another winter draws near Frigid currents piercing the skin Whilst each exposed hair Extends voraciously outward.

A Petal and a Dragonfly

A petal was plucked today… The variant veins of chlorophyll filling each chloroplastic cell.

Resolute Horizon

By Melissa Lyn Goddess self roar into the night Unbounded, nor disillusioned by fright A worldly endeavor calls your essence And go shall you to fulfill this coalescence.  Oh solitary mist on the resolute horizon Watch as fallen… Read More

Sea Squall

by Melissa Lyn One eleven a.m. Abrupt awakening Deep slumber stolen Wind howling in walls Threatening tempest Furious windows drum Skies crackle open Impacting violently Cascading droplets fall Flimsy trembling abode Waves bashing rocks Flood sirens scream Inverted… Read More

Oceanic Rift Landslide

Earth, Wind and Fire

By Melissa Lyn If miles of land, never gave way to sea A reverie, learning to swim would be. If the wind blows, but trees never sway No more limbs could be broken away. If the fires burn,… Read More

Mountain Shower

By Melissa Lyn

A Stolen Moment

By Melissa Lyn

Crashing Tides

By Melissa Lyn When the tides of harsh reality crash against the shores of life. And beckoning beyond the grave, is the wisdom of those who lived the tale.


By Melissa Lyn

Desire to Kill

By Melissa Lyn

The Coming Winter

By Melissa Lyn

Forbidden Fruit

By Melissa Lyn

Beckoning Cavern

By Melissa Lyn