Category: Musings

The Journey on Laguna de Apoyo

When heartbreak and fear and evanescent beauty combine themselves in the same breath it is an experience that is hard to forget… 

The Dilemma of the Steam Mop and Materialism

It is quite interesting how attached as human beings we can become to material goods. I believe that it is both in the pursuit and the ownership of these goods that distracts us and keeps us from experiencing… Read More

El Viajero

The lone traveler begins to find the truths in life deep into the journey. And the reality is, the traveler begins to find themselves… Truly it takes a great adventure, faced alone, to see what has been hidden… Read More

Nature ramblings…10 minutes on a ledge

As the afternoon sun peaks through the pines, two new england owls call for each other across the forest. The tall ledge I now reside upon offers a wide view of the earth colored surroundings, as the gray… Read More

Talking Dreams…

When is the last time you talked about your dreams with someone? Do you dream? Do you dream and forget? Do you dream and remember? When I ask you about your dreams do you think of your future?… Read More