Joby Gorillapod Flexible Mini Tripod Review

So you are out on the trail and want to take a self portrait of you and your BFF? Or maybe you are doing a solo hike of the Appalacian Trail and want some photos of yourself and the background scenery to show everyone back home. Typically as most of us do, we look for that perfectly horizontal tree limb or that shoulder height boulder and spend several minutes masterminding some way to mount the camera. Most mini tripods out there just wouldn’t help in this situation but the Joby Gorillapod Original is the perfect solution! Read More

Kayland Hyper Traction Mountaineering Boot Review

Whether you’re ice climbing, mountaineering or hiking in alpine terrain, a comfortable mountaineering boot is essential. Having short but wide feet has made finding the proper outdoor footwear a daunting task for me. Luckily however, I did some online research and came across the Kayland Hypertraction Unisex mountaineering boot at 50% off the list price and other than a few secondary issues, I am glad I purchased them. Read More

Mountaineering Training with Mt Washington Observatory’s Edu Program

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For those¬†who live in New England with an interest in getting into winter alpine mountaineering, there aren’t too many options locally for training grounds. However, with its above treeline presence combined with the extreme weather conditions, Mount Washington offers a great place to learn key mountaineering skills. Mount Washington is the tallest peak in the Northeastern US at 6,288ft and is located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountain National Forest. Read More