Chemistry of Pink River Dolphins

Where tributaries are in the past
and estuaries are too far in the future
they exist only in that gray space…

Past the flood plain of aquatic grasses
where the threat of predators prevails
and activity must always be alert
as the black caiman prowls the riverbank.

In a deeper space than the shallows
whose beautiful brown, sedimentary waters 
only half-heartedly guarantee refuge
as the anaconda preys and prays
there are those forgetful to be vigilant.

There is still a place with a vibrant call
That draws the frolicking and light hearted
To exude excitement and innocence
A playful fervor filled with sensation
Imparting a euphoric elation to all.

Diving through hundreds of feet of waters
Some species weren’t meant to be tamed
They roam free without boundaries
Not just surviving or be exacting expectation
but they dance, they flirt and they play.

These pleasures seem evanescent
Yet is there not an experience more true
And filled with such life and its meaning
than those freedoms in the river. 

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