A Petal and a Dragonfly

A petal was plucked today…
The variant veins of chlorophyll
filling each chloroplastic cell.
Yellow and fragile, a subtle portion of
a more profound majestic beauty.
This petal, this wonder…
This satin feel of sustenance
Derived in natures drive to flourish.

Like the dragonfly.
The one who called a day ago,
Beckoning for me to follow.
I saw and walked and
Smiled then gawked,
He darted near then sat.
Hovering two arms lengths away,
most curiously he did stay…

If I had my guess I would say,
I knew this dragonfly
from some past parlay.
A demon, a ghost of history
and convoluted time,
Are you mocking me dragonfly,
as I proceed on my way?

Yet not only with the petal,
For that exudes essence.
Nor this dragon of a fly
Who escaped my question… 
For it is that in which 
a subtle confluence 
may convey, a compromise
of tranquility, a merging of
the magnificent, as atop the petal
does now sit, the dragonfly. 

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