November 2016 Supermoon

With no greater locale than the ocean
To view this onset of lunar magnificence
Outward I cautiously meandered
Upon the precarious rock jetty.

Just above the dark thin bank of clouds
Below the highlighted slivers of shaded sky
The arc edge of anticipated brilliance
Began to shine though.

The air was frigid on the ocean
A tide that had pulled away from the sands
Falsely promised that one could venture
further into the dark evening
without any peril.  

Intently watching and waiting
Viciously trembling from a sharp cold breeze
As it slapped the exposed skin on my face
And tried to convince me
To seek warm shelter.

With stubborn patience I then saw
The body of this spherical reflector burst forth
Past the passing youthful clouds
Above the ever changing horizon
Boldly it demanded to be seen.

Brilliant, enormous and genuine
This ancient celestial goddess assumed
No less than a supreme domination
As she passed on her way
To her destination.

With widened eyes in an earnest
Desire to memorize the moment in my mind
Too soon after the beautiful striking light
Seized the night, it was gone
An evanescent gift.

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